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Leeches Characters very useful creatures for sci-fi/horror/fantasy scenes.

Triangles counts of character:

Vertex counts of character:

4096x4096 Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion
Number of Scripts:14

Assets in a showcase scene demonstrate the three types(Scripts) of behavior leeches:
1. Neutral, movement across random points on Navmesh.
2. Escape in the sight of a "Player", leech is looking for a new point and accelerates their movement.
3. Combat patrol, the leech moves at random points on NavMesh. When the "Player" enters the field of view of the leech, it accelerates, moves to the player and attacks him. If the player disappears from sight, the leech moves to the last position.
In all 3 behaviors available speed change in different states.