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RTS Engine uCNC 2D - The Universal RTS Game Kit - Ultimate Crush and Command

Works with all versions of Unity.

Get it for this low price for the next few days only!

Complete Engine. Royalty free. Ready for customization.

uCNC is a Real Time Strategy Engine for Unity. You can build, command and finally crush your enemy.

Price increases after full potential has reached:
+ A* Pathfinding
+ RTS Camera Controller (including border-, keyboard- and fast-scrolling (holding right mouse button)
+ AI: Builds, Moves, Attacks
+ Select multiple Units with Selection Box or by double clicking
+ Build units and buildings
+ Attack
+ Minimap
+ Repair and Sell
+ Random Music Player
+ Cutscene Movie Player
+ Option Menu
+ Faction Selector
+ Tilemap Grid Support

Assets included:
+ Import Scripts
+ Typing Terminal
+ Super Start Menu

Upcoming Features:
+ Save Unit Selections (press Ctrl+Number)
+ Save Camera Positions (press Ctrl+F9-F12)
+ Fog of war

With detailed documentation for customizing and understanding how to extend the engine for your needs.

Very easy to customize, full sources.

Price increases over time as quality and size improves

Affordable engine for commercial purposes and for rapid prototyping of new ideas.

Variety and quality will improve with updates. Feel free to provide requests and feedback: