Hair Shader 2.0 (Built-in RP/URP/HDRP)

Part of the Human Shader Pack.

Please locate the document file included for links to other render pipelines.

This is a hair solution shader pack with multiple shaders to help solve transparency and shadowing issues commonly found in other Hair shaders. Created with Amplify Shader

Hair Shader 2 uses dither fade to simulate transparency, this helps avoid sorting issues but may look visible pixels or dotty unless you use some post process like Antialiasing. - Alpha Fade Transparency with Translucency and semi-shadow support.

- Custom Lighting Version for Improved Shadow Support

- Soft Transparency Version available (legacy depth sorting, prone to zbuffer issues)

- Traditional Cutout This Shader version will work on mobile(will work with screen space AO)

*To Access other RENDER PIPELINE Versions, see the link in the documentation included in the folder.

Support Topic: link Known Issues:
Post process AO can be seen through the meshes when render queue set to Geometry.
Transparency Depth Sorting in the transparency method shader prone to depth ordering issues, this is a common issue and the reason why several shaders have been created as alternatives.
No Hair Motion: Hair motion is not built into this shader and can be created using a cloth component to your hair.

Zepeto is not tested and requires your own understanding of materials and shaders. Please locate the Built-In version of Hair Shader via the link in the documentation.

Documentation included with links to extra versions and render pipelines.
Contact me by email if you have anything you need to ask.