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Logic Blox

Granby Games logic prop prefabs can be used to create, debug and design simple to complex virtual electronic circuits, console replications and or game play controls. Ready to use multifunctional logic prop prefabs are placed in game and connected together to run other logic circuits, sounds, animations and gameObjects. Attached logic engine script file manages behavioral logic and connections to other props.

For advanced builders, normalized mesh structures and prefabs allow for mesh/material replacement with your favorite model(s). Build, learn and create with Logic Blox.

Package Includes:
- 12 Logic Blox prefabs for And, Nand, Or, Nor, Buffer, Not, Switch, Lamp. UpDn
- 5 Vintage switch/lamp prebabs
- Logix Blox meshes and materials for all primitives, gates, switches and lamps.
- Basic switch and tone audio files
- Logic Blox Engine script files - (UniLogicChip and UniLogicEffects)
- Detailed user guide and to get up and running. No coding or script file edits required.

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