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Shuttle Pack

This asset pack contains three low-medium poly space shuttle models, 2 engine cone models and 1 engine fairing model, as well as some additional models to construct a space station type scene.

The shuttles have been UV mapped and textured to allow easy recolouring and changing of details and logos.

Demo scene:

ShuttleDemo - a zero-gravity space scene showing various example configurations of additional engines and fairings, and a space station structure.

A prefab scene contains all the prefabs laid out.

10 Meshes and 14 Prefabs, 14 Textures, 6 sided skybox

Prefabs and Unity triangle counts:

ShuttleA - 594 triangles. ShuttleB - 1682 triangles. ShuttleC - 750 triangles.

ShuttleEngineConeA - 352 triangles. ShuttleEngineConeB - 256 triangles. EngineFairing - 420 triangles.

Station modules - 160 - 428 triangles, Airlock Tunnel - 640 triangles.

Effects - 1 plasma particle system prefab

Textures and Materials:

All materials use standard Unity shader or particle shaders and all textures are in png format.
Shuttle materials have normal maps generated from greyscales.