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VR UIKit - Bootstrap Your VR App with Ease!

Build Cross-platform VR App With Ease
VR UIKit is a UI framework for faster and easier VR development. It includes many battle-tested components that have been widely used in VR development. For example, VR keyboard, Gallery list, Multi-level menus, and etc.
This package supports mouse control, gaze control, laser pointer control, and any other existing input method in the market.
To support TextMesh Pro, this package includes an editor tool which can convert all or selected Text into TextMesh Pro by only a single click!

- Menu, Multi-level menu
- Tab Panel
- Thumbnail gallery (Up to 4 different styles)
- Scrollable List, List group
- Keyboard, Form with Keyboard
- Progress bar
- Options
- Pagination
- Buttons
- Inputs

Supported Platforms
? Vive (SteamVR v2.0.1)
? Vive (SteamVR v1.2.3)
? Oculus Rift
? Oculus Quest
? Oculus Go
? Gear VR
? TextMesh Pro

Demo Scene
- Mouse Control
- Gaze Control
- Oculus Laser Control
- Vive Laser Control
- Vive Laser Control (SteamVR plugin v2.0.1)

Find the documentation here
If you have any issues, please contact yunhn.lee@gmail.com.