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AntiCheat KCryptor

"Are you tired of being hacked gold or ruby in your game?
Are you tired of banning and removing cheating users?
Your game will be safe from cheater & hacker!!!
Get The AntiCheat-KCryptor now!"

The AntiCheat KCryptor supports encryption and decryption for any number store in RAM for any unity game wrote by C#.

The value after decrypted can be hide from hack tool as GameGuardian, Cheat Engine... Your game will be safe from cheater & hacker.

- Encrypt support value type: int, long, float, double
- Decrypt support value type: int, long, float, double
- All types support Serialize in Unity Inspector.
- Self custom Encrypt/Decrypt algorithm.
- Replace types and use as normal types.

Supported Platforms
- Windows/Mac Editor and Standalone
- iOS/Android

This package included
- KCryptor
- Demo

Unity Version Supported: 2017.1.0 or later

Note: This tool only protect the values in RAM,
I do not guarantee anything in case your source code or
your Encrypt/Decrypt algorithm can be found by hacker or cheater.
Please ensure that you protect source code by using IL2CPP when build too! Cheer!