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Rocket Pack

This asset pack contains a variety of low-medium poly rocket components including cones, body sections and engine cones, allowing users to construct all sorts of rockets.

The rocket components have been textured and UV mapped as much as possible to allow large, undistorted areas of texture for easy application of text names, logos, detailing or recolouring.

Demo scenes:

RocketDemo - demo scene showing how to launch a rocket from the ground. Complete with audio, fire and smoke effects.

SpaceDemo - a zero-gravity space scene showing some of the other components.

66 Meshes and 56 Prefabs, 35 Textures, 6 sided skybox

Prefabs and Unity triangle counts:

/RoundSet1 - 21 prefabs, comprising 5 cones, 3 booster caps, assorted body sections and fairings
Round rocket cones range between 192 - 288 triangles. All round components are 16-sided, flat-shaded.

/SquareSet1 - 18 prefabs, comprising 3 cones, 1 booster cap, assorted body sections and fairings
Square rocket cones range between 98 - 306 triangles.

/OpenSet - 5 prefabs, round rocket cone variants built in 3 pieces for separation to deliver payloads
Open cones vary up to 716 triangles.

/RocketMotors - 5 single rocket engine nozzle prefabs, + 3 quad-engine versions
Single motors range between 192 - 688 triangles, quad-versions up to 1792 triangles.

/Buildings - 5 prefabs, comprising floorplates, tower and small launch pad
Main floorplate 60 triangles, tower 1056 triangles.

/Effects - 1 fire, 1 smoke particle system prefabs

Textures and Materials:

All materials use standard Unity shader or particle shaders and all textures are in png format.
A few materials use normal maps, or normal maps generated from greyscales.
Most rocket component textures are 1024x1024 or 2048x2048.