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Color By Numbers Game

Color By Numbers is a fun, relaxing 2D pixel art coloring game. Includes AdMob, Unity Ads, and Unity IAP integration.

APK / Documentation:
Click here to download the APK or Documentation!


? Custom Image Import tool to import pictures to play in the game. Can import already pixelated images or use the tool to pixelate any image.

? Images are converted to text files which are used in the game. Can have hundreds of pictures and still have a small app size.

? Comes with over 100 pictures ready to play.

? Ability to create Categories to place levels into.

? Picture levels can be locked with coins which the player must spend to unlock. Players can earn coins by completing levels or by purchasing coins from the IAP store.

? Device camera can take real life pictures which are automatically pixelated and can be played right away.

? Pictures can be loaded from the users device and automatically pixelated and can be played right away.

? Share completed pictures by opening it in Twitter, Instagram, or any other installed application on the device that supports opening images.

? Save completed pictures to the users device.

? Comes with Bomb power up and Magic Wand power up.

? AdMob and Unity Ads integration, banner (AdMob) and Interstitial Ads.

? Unity IAP integration to remove Ads and purchase coins.

? Automatically saves game state and loads it when app restarts.

? Clean, formatted, and commented code.

? Designed for Android and iOS