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WW1 Fighter Aircraft - Sopwith F.1 Camel

Game-ready, high detailed WW1 Fighter - Sopwith F.1 Camel.
This package contains aircraft model with 3 color versions, mesh colliders and 4 LODs. Asset can be used in desktop and mobile projects.

All movable parts is separeted, and has individual pivot, so aircraft model its ready to animate.

Asset is compatible with Unity Vehicle.
If you import Vehicles and Cameras from Standard Assets, you can controll your airplane.

Package includes PSD source files - you can make your own color version of your airplane.

[Technical details]

-LOD0 - ~28k tris
-LOD1 - ~15k tris
-LOD2 - ~8k tris
-LOD3 - ~4k tris

-Body Albedo: 4096x4096 x 3 (blue, green, yellow) - Albedo alpha channel contains Gloss map
-Body Specular: 4096x4096 x 3 (blue, green, yellow)
-Body Normal: 4096x4096 x 1
-Cockpit Albedo: 1024x1024 x 1 - alpha channel contains Gloss map
-Cockpit Specular: 1024x1024 x 1
-Cockpit Normal: 1024x1024 x 1
-Propeller blur: 256x256 x 3 (three levels of blur) x 2 (two color versions: blue and gray)