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Universal Fighting Engine (UFE 2) is a set of tools and framework to help develop 2D, 2.5D and 3D fighting games using a variety of easy-to-use Unity editors.

The biggest additions to the toolkit on version 2 is the native netcode with deterministic physics (designed to run online matches in a smooth lag-free environment) support for 2D animations (complete with a custom hitbox editor) and a brand new mode that allows for 3D gameplay (similar to Tekken, Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive).

Give it a try, click here to play or download the demo.
All builds are cross-platform. To search for a match click "Online" (US Server).

Feature Spotlight:
- User friendly editors
- Advanced A.I. support (Random and Fuzzy AI)
- Network support (Frame Delay and Rollback)
- Story mode
- Mecanim and Legacy animation support
- Easy character setup
- Combo system
- Grappling move support
- Custom input manager
- Cinematic options
- Compatible with Unity GUI
- Open source GUI Scripts
- Mobile friendly
- Extended coding support
- 6 Characters and over 180 animations included

What is new on 2.x:
- Rollback netcode
- Photon support
- Custom Hitbox Editor
- 3D Gameplay
- Replay Mode
- Character Assist
- Multi-gauge
- Diagonal inputs
- Challenge Mode
- Full support for resource loaded assets
- And more...

Supported Addons:
- Photon Unity Networking
- Control Freak
- cInput
- Rewired
- Simple Bluetooth for Android

Other Links:
- Official Unity thread
- Youtube
- Forum
- Patreon