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Dark Themed 2D Pack

A hand-painted set of the dark-themed 2D world. This pack will be perfect for almost any 2D game with a dark sauce. Preparing your game for Halloween? You will find all you need inside! This pack offers a great variety of different 2D game elements (including GUI/HUD/Platforms/Tiles/Decorations/Animated Characters).

PSD/Spine project/VFX/Sprite Sheets/Prefabs Included

Everything is well organized and ready for use.

Pack contains:

• 750+ hand painted sprites sorted into sprite sheets + PSD file + grayscale versions

• 9 animated characters

- Dog (Idle/Run)

- Defeat Character (Idle)

- Merchant (Idle)

- Monster with axe (Idle)

- Owl (Idle1/Idle2)

- Pumpkin monster (Idle/Fly)

- Victory Character (Idle)

- Witch (Idle)

- Portals (2 types/2 animations each)

- Cauldrons (3 Types 1 animation each)

• Tiles/Tile Palettes

• 5 particle systems

• demo scenes

• tile pallets

• prefabs

• [Android preview]

• [WebGL preview]

Please note, since the project is ~ 700mb it may take some time for importing

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Please note

Character animations were created in the Spine 2D animation package and run from the Spine-Unity Runtime GitHub project. Import this Runtime into your own project to use these animations.

You will need a copy of Spine Essential or Professional to have permission to use the Spine-Unity runtime in your game if you plan to release it. Or you can still use PNG animation if you don't want to use Spine.

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