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Game Control Panel for uMMORPG

Our add-on will allow you to manage your game server and database.
- Manage users, delete and restore them.
- Change the names and classes of characters.
- Give them gold and coins.
- And much more ...

There are three types of permissions ServerAdmin, SuperAdmin and User

What Users Can Do: (With saving to the database)
Account Info
- Change password and email for account
- Buy Premium

Premium users receive
+ Bonus to experience and loot for killing monsters
+ Temporary items that disappear when player exit the game.
+ Additional Quests for premium players.

- Watch their characters(active and deleted, amount, class, level, equipment, gold, coins, inventory size)
- Delete and restore characters (for Game Points) if allowed by admin
- Change the name of the character (if allowed by admin)
- Change class to character (if allowed by admin)
- Convert Game Points to Gold and Coins (if allowed by admin)
- Send Game Points to another player

- Receive a reward and bonuses for the completed task

- Buy items in the store for Game Points

- Sell and Buy Characters

- See how many players are online
- See how many accounts
- See how many characters
- See how many banned accounts
- See how many players are Online by class
- View the list of the best players
- View the list of the best guilds
- View the list of banned accounts (when, for how long, and by whom it was blocked)

Technical support
- Create requests for technical support and track their execution

What Admins Can Do:
Preferens (With saving to the database)
- the ability to delete and restore characters and the price
- the ability to change the name of the character and the price
- the ability to change the class of the character and the price
- Ability to convert Game Points to gold and the conversion rate
- change the name of Game Points
- turn on/off the menu (Characters, Shop, Bonuses, Account, Support, Statistics) in Game Control Panel
- Customize the number of characters
- Configure the max connections
- Customize save interval
- Customize Character Limit
- Customize Character Name Max Lenght
- Customize Account Max Lenght
- Customize Account Min Lenght
- Customize Password Min Lenght
2) Set permissions for Users
3) Give Game Points and Coins
4) Block accounts
5) Respond to requests for technical support
6) View All Accounts and Characters on Database

In the project you will find instructions with a detailed description of how to configure the add-on.

Developed and tested on :
* uMMORPG 1.193 Link
* uMMORPG 2D 1.61 Link

Recommended Components :
* Item Rarity

Versions for other projects