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Low poly Stylized Forest Meadows Pack

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Version changes:

Ver. 1.1
- Postprocessing PDF Manual
Ver. 1.2
- Modular road prefabs added
- Redesigned clifs and rocks
- Mesh of grass optimized
- New stones added
- Scene expanded
Ver. 1.3
- Redesigned Bridge model
- Optymize mesh of fences
- 5 new fence elements
- Optymize mesh of mushrooms
- Clouds ring model added
- Corrected pivot of ground road and fence
Ver. 1.4
- Completly hierarchy structure reorganized
Ver. 1.5
- 11x terrain texture in lowpoly style
(1024x1024 Diffuse and Normalmap)
- Trees and bushes shape lifting
- Bridges shape lifting
- Coble walls shape lifting
- Rebuilt paths
- 9x new path elements (bents, uphills)
- 1x Barell
- 1x Chest
- 1xCart
- 1xStump
- 1xWatch Tower
Ver. 1.6
- Props meshes fixed
- Meadows demo scene update
- New demo scene added - "ForestPatch"
- ClifWall and rockGround textures corrected
- New brown rocks texture added
- Hierarchy structure reorganized

If you are using older (<=1.5v.) Low Poly Nature Project
version - Backup your project before
updating to the version 1.6!

Unity Prefabs:

- The set includes 113 files in FBX format, Unity prefabs and Unreal Engine uasset ready to use in any 3D game engine.
- All assets come in FBX format, ready to use in any 3D game engine.
- All pivots are correctly placed and all meshes are scaled proportionally one to another with frozen transformations, which makes them workable.
- All fbx files have been remade into prefab without transformation.
- All models names are placed orderly (Object data with the same name like an object).
- All flora models have vertex color applied. Models can be used with grass shader, which is a part of 3D game kit available for free at the Asset Store. With the use of this shader plants get the realistic wind effect

What's inside:

- 5 Cliffs
- 4 hills
- 10 rocks
- 4 Branches
- 8 Bushes
- 4 Grass
- 5 Mushrooms
- 11 Trees
- 13 Tree Crowns
- 5 Trunks
- Road 16 modulars Elements
- 14 bridges
- 8 different fences
- 1 Animal Grave
- 2 Tent
- 1 Fire
- 2 Road sign
- 1 Campfire

This set contain:

- Unity package format, with demo scene and prefabs scene
- Complete postprocessing instruction in PDF format.
- Now Demo Scenes are fully setup and compatible with Unity 2018.2.15 and up using Post Processing Lighting Box 2
- 3 x materials with grass shader
- 1 Color Palette Texture (All CPT Prefabs use 1 Material + 1 Color Palette Texture Atlas 32x32)
- all object in fbx formats
- 3D Terrain
- materials witch textures (solid color) for painting on the terrain


- All Prefabs optimized to have as low poly as possible without losing the quality and style
- Easy to change colors to create more variations (grass, snow, sand, whatever you want)

Low Poly Nature Project Series:
Medieval Slavica | Forest and meadows | Tinty Trees And Rocks | Toon Trees


For the promotion needs of this scene I used the Lightning Box pack 2 + HD and it is not a part of this parcel. This pack includes postprocessing pdf manual and postprocessing profiles

Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!