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Dynamic RayCast System 2.0 C# Jobs SALE

This is a collider free system which uses custom RayCast and SphereCast methods to detect objects.

==> 60% OFF - July sale !

* Based on the new C# Job system and Burst compiler for greater performance
* IL2CPP support
* Works with Skinned and Rigid (Non-Skinned) meshes.
* RayCast, RayCastFast, SphereCast, OverlapSphere and OverlapBox methods
* Fast, custom mesh skinning using IJobParallel job for the valid meshes
* Per triangle tags, Object groups and Custom LODs

- It includes the standard Dynamic RayCast System v2 system as a separate package.
- NOTE : requires .Net 4 Runtime to be selected and Api Compatibility Level set to .NET 4.x as well !
- NOTE : requires Jobs, Burst, Collection and Mathematics packages from the package manager installed !
- Platform support is based on Unity's support for C# Jobs and Burst compiler and their current state !
- Source code included!
* Documentation

* The system will not fit in every project so, if you have a question, please email me at: vencious.games@gmail.com