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The FAQAssistant is a text analysing tool that provides the functionality to lookup questions in a questions & answers database and return the answer corresponding to the best match. It can also be used to trigger events when a match is found which is ideal to build personal assistants that perform actions when certain commands are entered.

- Tested with over 2000 questions

- Instant reponse time

- Response includes best match and the next 10 best matches to the question

- Handles small typos

- Can easily be integrated with a speech to text engine.

- Option to generate vocabulary at runtime

- Supports unity events

- Comes with 600 generic questions

- 2 example scenes (FAQAssistant Example & EventListener Example)

- The default character to include a comma in the answers or questions is the semi-colon (;)

- Only supports CSV files with 2 fields (1 comma per line)

For more information visit: https://www.engigames.ca/services/faqassistant/