LB Enviro Pack 1


From the makers of Landscape Builder, comes a high quality environment pack to kick-start or enhance your 3D RPG, FPS. survival, or stealth game.

100% Standalone but can be used with procedural placement tools like Landscape Builder to construct farms, towns, or villages.


  • High Quality PBR materials
  • Full LOD Prefabs for optimised gameplay
  • Support for Universal (URP), High Definition (HDRP), and built-in Render Pipelines.
  • Albedo, Metallic Smoothness, Normal, Occlusion, Detail Normal textures in full sets of 512, 1K, 2K and 4K.
  • Textures produced from HQ sculpted designers
  • Natural aged-look and feel to fit realistic environment designs
  • Buildings have animated, lockable doors to allow players to enter.
  • Apart from floors and stairs, buildings are empty to allow for greater freedom with game design
  • Prefabs for 512, 2K and 4K textures for greatest flexibility included
  • Some props have non-LOD variants to allow for use with combined mesh generators


300+ prefabs

8 x stone buildings (each with 2 material styles - 111 prefabs)

7 x dry stone wall segments (each with 2 material styles - 42 prefabs)

2 x opening wooden gates (6 prefabs)

8 x wooden fences and posts (24 prefabs)

7 x ground textures


8 x wooden planks (24 prefabs)

3 x piles of fence post (9 prefabs)

4 x stack of roof tiles (24 prefabs)

12 x small flat rocks (72 prefabs)

2 x small flat rock piles (24 prefabs)


For URP and HDRP use the packages included in the SRP folder.

Post Processing Stack

Included is a suggested setup with PP v2.x. Check the readme in the PostProcessing folder for details.

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Bundles Available

Landscape Builder and Sci-Fi Ship Controller

Landscape Builder and LB Enviro Pack 1