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Favorites Window

Speedup your daily workflows with a favorites window that feels native to the engine. No learning curve required.

Usage suggestions:
- Make props palettes specific to some worlds
- Keep at hand assets, folders or scripts related to a task
- Organize prefabs related to features
- Group assets in different ways than the folder structure lets you
- Quick access frequently edited scriptable objects.

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- Store as many private favorites lists as you need
- Drop anything, asset, folder, subasset or scene object to add to current list
- Drag items from window to any field or scene
- Drag multiple selection to assign to collections
- Drag&Drop to rearrange the list to your taste
- Full undo/redo support
- Double click to open asset
- Dark and Light themes supported
- Multiple folder selection shows the combined content of all of them (Only in 2 column mode project window)

- Shared lists for everyone