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NatMic - Microphone API

NatMic is a low-latency native microphone API for Unity Engine. NatMic provides a minimal API for streaming audio data directly from the microphone to Unity. Features include:

- Low Latency. NatMic immediately sends sample buffers to Unity as they become available from the microphone on a dedicated microphone thread.

- Specify Audio Format. With NatMic, you can explicitly request the microphone format, including the sample rate and channel count.

- Overlay Unity Audio. NatMic provides an effortless way to mix microphone audio with game audio, perfect for things like voice-overs and player commentary on gameplay.

- Record to Audio Files. NatMic supports recording the microphone audio to audio files. It currently supports recording to WAVE files, and we are looking at adding M4A and MP3 file support.

- Cross Platform. NatMic support iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

- NatCorder and NatCam Support. NatMic is built specifically with our video recording and mobile camera API's in mind. As a result, NatMic seamlessly integrates with both API's.

Check out the forum here.

Check out the NatCorder-NatMic Integration Demo.

Check out the written tutorials:
1. Unity Microphone That Works.

Minimum Requirements
- Unity 2017.1
- Android API Level 18
- iOS 10
- macOS 10.10
- Windows 10 64-bit

Contact us at olokobayusuf@gmail.com.