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PIDI : XFur Mobile - Standard Edition SALE

Personal sale! 30% off the regular 50 USD price until April 2nd!

XFur Mobile is the ultimate solution for fur in Unity designed specifically for mobile devices. Based around our Unity Awards nominated, top rated fur framework XFur Studio, this system comes with everything you need to add realistic, high quality fur to any 3D model or character in minutes.

Packed with features, fully documented and including tutorials, online documentation and source code access, XFur Mobile is the only tool you need to add incredible fur to all your mobile games.

IMPORTANT : While this tool is compatible with low end mobile devices, it is intended and geared towards higher end ones. This tool is not intended to be used alongside the desktop version of XFur as it may cause issues on both assets.

Features :
- Compatible with Android (OpenGLES2/3) and iOS
- Basic shaders for OpenGLES 2 level hardware with high quality fur, limited advanced features and support for 1 directional light (full comparison available on our official wiki)
- Full shaders for high end Android and iOS devices with all features included and support for both forward and deferred rendering paths, with any number of lights
- Support for advanced wind effects
- Support for dynamic snow and rain
- Support for basic physics without any need for a rigidbody!
- Fully managed LOD module
- Profiles based fur management
- Per-instance parameters
- Multi-material support
- Multi-coloring support
- Color randomization
- Includes a fully functional 3D fur painting tool that allows you to add fur and control all its settings by painting directly over your model's surface...inside the Unity Editor!
- Directional grooming support
- Support for advanced PBR features such as global illumination, light and reflection probes, etc. on high end devices
- Full support for static and skinned meshes
- Several quality levels included for a perfect balance between quality and performance
- Compatible with OpenGLES2, OpenGLES3 and any Shader model 3.0 level device
- Skinned Mesh of a 3D dog model included
- Full user manual and online documentation available

XFur Mobile is the perfect solution to add realistic fur to all your characters and creatures without any need for additional tools, troublesome texturing processes nor difficult to set up shaders.

Official Unity Forums Thread

Official Product Wiki

Official Support Website

If you have doubts or need support for this tool, contact us at support@irreverent-software.com

Note : This tool has been developed for mobile devices and its features and visual fidelity have been adjusted accordingly.

If you need high fidelity fur rendering for desktop and other non-mobile platforms, use the full XFur Studio asset instead. This tool is NOT compatible with any SRP features nor are there plans to support them in the near future.