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The Dark Dungeon Kit

The Dark Dungeon Kit is an comprehensive environment package for creating appealing and highly detailed dungeon maps. It comes with 4 different corridor types and 11 already assembled unique locations.

Download PC Demo
Download VR Demo

- 211 models
- PBR metal/smoothness workflow
- Large demo scene
- VR ready, additional VR scene included
- LOD's
- Textures 4k/2k
- Modular, grid based

This asset uses:
Oculus SDK: Copyright © 2014-2017 Oculus VR, LLC All rights reserved,
Steam VR: Copyright (c) Valve Corporation, All rights reserved,
VRTK: MIT License,
5 low res models based on high res scanned models released under CC0 License,
See Third-PartyLicense.txt file in package for details.