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Spline Mesh Deform

Spline mesh deform is a procedural mesh generation tool for the branching spline system "Spline plus".
Spline Plus is not included in the package.

The modifiers included:

Mesh Deform :
A custom meshes procedural mesh generation modifier for Spline Plus.

Feartures :
+Modes: Alignment / Deformation
+Multiple meshes combination
+Procedural mesh generation on all spline branches
+Materials sharing possibility between meshes
+GPU processing
+CPU Muli threading processing
+Translation, rotation, scale with randomization
+Mesh trimming
+Copy/Past/Duplicate prefab meshes
+Highly optimized source code
+Intuitive UI
+ API to generate procedural mesh on runtime.
+ Online documentation
+ Forum

Extrude Mesh :
Extrudes the Spline Plus shape and transforms it into a mesh with auto generated correct Uvs, tangents and normals.

Tube Mesh :
Transforms Spline Plus branches into fully customizable 3D mesh tubes.

Plane Mesh :
Transforms the Spline Plus branches into a plane mesh, this is very similar to the Unity line renderer.