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The Little Melee System (2D & 3D)

Wiki and documentation
A small melee system that takes into account the physical form of objects and has many settings.
You can completely customize the areas of casting - from position, to size and rotation. The system has a built-in calculation of the direction of movement of the weapon, which allows you to deal damage only in the right direction. And setting the minimum angle, will accurately adjust the outgoing impact on the target.
The system works together with animation, and calculates all the necessary parameters that you can use, for example, the vector of movement of weapons.

Main features:
- Setting up hit-areas for weapons.
- Calculation of directions of movement.
- Parameters control in animation.
- Built-in Damage and Resist classes.
- Simple and effective Shields.
- Customizable Damage Types.
- Now have hit-area editor.

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