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Asset Store Publisher: How to Create & Sell Unity Assets? (Book; Manual)

Hi, I'm Andrew Sirota, full-time Publisher in Unity Asset Store.

This book is about 3 years of experience, mistakes and success, nuances of business and helping people in solving their tasks.

Here I have systematized the accumulated knowledge, tips & tricks concerning the business in Unity Asset Store. It's a product that I'm really proud of.

I have studied all the materials that I could find (really, every blue link & and my personal interviews with publishers) about Unity Asset Store on the Web in English and Russian, but this is not enough to understand the overall picture.

That's why, I decided to write a Book, which answers all critical questions.

For Unity Publishers. By Unity Publisher.

Welcome to publisher community & let's create a business.


Sales Stats and Analytics;
What People Love;
Speed reaction and Eugenio from Italy;
Studio History. Brand, Name and Logo development.


— Checklist: How to create Unity Asset?;
Publisher Window | Welcome Screen;
Publisher Component | Custom Editor;
— GUID Regenerator (for assets in specific folder).


First of all, read the docs.
If it didn't help, get the support.

If you find a bug or you can't use the asset as you need, please first send me an email to info@makaka.org (in English or in Russian) before leaving a review to the asset store.

I am here to help and to improve my plugin for the best.

Response time can be up to 3 business days.


AR Basketball GO
AR Survival Shooter
AR Space Shooter
AR Throw Ball
AR Camera GYRO
AR Menu
AR Shadow