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Destroyed Opera Environment

Destroyed Opera is a AAA PBR modular asset package which contains over 700 prefabs to create your own first/third person RPG environment. Package gives you a possibility to create the highest quality game environment with custom shaders and PBR seamless materials. Package works in Unity versions from 2019.1.0f1 to 2019.3.0f1


Standard Demo | HDRP Demo | Documentation & FAQ

There's playable demo you should check out. Everything presented in the demo is available in the package. Including benchmark, animations, particles effects and assets.

-----What's in the package?-----

1. Huge AAA scene presenting all the assets in arena-like structure. Use that as your foundation or create your own unique environments!

2. Benchmark which is used to improve the package. I'll make sure that required configuration will always get 60 frames per second at least.

3. 751 prefabs contains columns, arches, architraves, carpets, floor plates, paintings, wall blocks, statues, gates, and many more.

4. 32 high quality PBR materials contains bricks, clays, concrete, wooden planks etc.

5. 21 custom blending, foliage, and effect shaders with Parallax Occlusion Mapping such as PBR Texture Blending shader, PBR Vertex Blending shader, PBR SplatHeightBlend shader, PBR Grass and Ivys Vertex shader, Translucency shader and more.

6. 114 props that will make your scenes alive like chests, barrels, candles, standalone bricks, floor stones, dishes and clothes.

7. Ready to use particle effects like sparks, smoke, dust, fire. 8. HDRP Ready setting that makes the scene look even better.

-----Technical aspects:-----

1. Avarage triangle count for columns:

LOD 0 = 600 Tris || LOD 1 = 300 Tris || LOD 2 = 150 Tris

2. Triangle count for old man statue:

LOD 0 = 10311 Tris || LOD 1 = 5059 Tris || LOD 2 = 1592 Tris || LOD 3 = 574 Tris

Whole example demo is using realtime lighting and deferred rendering so you don't need to bake anything to get the result presented in the demo. Textures are atlased and optimized for games. It's easy to manipulate anything, so just get in, grab and put stuff anywhere you want.

From the begining it was all about quality. Everything took over a year to make. It was really tough designing, planning and also making process but it's finally here. Enjoy!

If you have any questions contact me at wawenvironment@gmail.com I'll gladly answer!