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Cyber City

This bundle includes full modular pack for creating high detailed realistic cyberpunk city, streets, alleys, city blocks etc. Pack Includes:

? 5 wheeled cars (black, white, red, green, metallic);

? walls, windows, doors with swappable materials;

? operating scripts for neon, robots etc.;

? simple route system for robots (physics based);

? advertisement posters;

? showcases sets (swappable materials and props) - shops;

? swappable showcase materials;

? swappable showcase glass materials;

? other doors, gates, small windows;

? road works props and signs;

? other signs;

? street food stand with props;

? hot dog stand with props;

? tile road constructor;

? street lamps, fences, pipes, cables, conditioning, trash bins, papers, bottles and other props;

? robots;

? several tens neon advertisements.


Cyber Girl - separate package.

Works with any pipelines (HDRP, LWRP (Universal), default). Requires Unity 2019.3+

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This pack also contains HDRP version (requires Unity 2019.3.0)

Have a look to:

One more Cyber City

Cyber Square

Cyber Girl (robot)

Cyber Girl (human)

Flying Cyber Car with dynamic power-electric lines and flashers

? PBR materials (built-in Unity shaders);

? textures - 2K, 4K.

Compatible with 'Steam City' (prefabs scale and tiling system).

(if you see "Shader error...invalid subscript 'uv2'..." just right click the shader - Reimport).