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Want to know exactly what goes into your build ? Want to immediately detect when an asset grew in size and should not ? Want to track down that hard to find project bloat ? Need to make sure your game is optimised for mobile ?
.Peek is for you!

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.Peek is a deep build inspector built on top of Unity's Build Pipeline. Find out exactly what goes into your build with .Peek!

.Peek is a must have tool for any serious Game Development studio looking for an easy way to monitor and maintain their project or game size.

Why .Peek?

🔥 Incredibly easy to use, simply install and build! (Even works with custom build pipelines!), no code required!

🔥 Not only show you information about one build, but also show you in a snapshot what changed between two builds ! Next time one of your fellow will re-import a texture and forget to compress it, you won't miss it !

🔥 .Peek focuses on information that matters, presenting it to you in a beautiful UI. No Clutter.

🔥 Built with optimized dlls, from a modern compiler with an efficient use of threading techniques, nothing will slow down .Peek

🔥 Full programmatic control over .Peek allowing its integration in any build flow (Custom build pipelines, CI Systems, you name it!)

🔥 Incredibly optimised UI allows for endless scrolling on any project, without any slowdown! (say hi to .Guacamole. our open-source UI framework).

Extra .Peek lovelies :

🔥 Automatically generates and archives a build report each time a build is performed.

🔥 Quick look into the differences between two builds, allowing you to see exactly what increased your build size, as it happens.

🔥 Provides a list of used and unused assets for each build.

🔥 Assets can be filtered by similarly to Unity's own Project view. They can also be reordered by name or size, instantly.

🔥 The possibility to share build reports on a VCS repository, on a shared network resource, or in a personal location for each team member.

🔥 Possibility to run build generation silently or not at all.

🔥 Build reports are saved in the open JSON format and can be displayed or processed in any other third-party tool.

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Our roadmap is available here, and you are very welcome to create or vote on proposal tickets at our issue tracker if you are looking for new features.

You are also very welcome to visit us on Discord for anything you would like to chat about (questions, support, feature request etc...).

Compatibilities :

• Unity 2017 and 2018 (free and paid)
• Desktop platforms.
• Android and IOS.
• More platforms to come if the community asks for it.

Website / Discord / Forum / Twitter / Doc / Support / Roadmap / Issue Tracker

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