The #1 trivia kit for Unity.

Trivia Quiz Kit is the most complete tool to create your own trivia quiz games with Unity.

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Easy-to-use visual editor to change the properties of your game and create your own questions without knowing how to program.

.CSV bulk import functionality to easily handle big databases of questions.

Three question types supported: single choice, multiple choice and true/false (with and without an image).

Optimized for mobile: the user interface uses Unity's built-in UI system to automatically scale across different (portrait) resolutions.

105 unique example questions in 7 different categories included that you can use as a starting point for your own game.

• Complete set of unique graphics, animations and effects designed by ricimi.

Complete and extensively documented C# source code included.

The kit includes the exported .PNG files of all the graphics. If you are also interested in the source .PSD files, you can purchase them separately from here.