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HQ Office Props - Codiscite

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Our awesome new asset, the High Definition Office Props pack comes filled with over 30 DIFFERENT HIGH QUALITY LOW-POLY MODELS and prefabs, organized into folders, designed in blender and with materials already applied.

Models and Prefabs Included:
- Flash drives
- Stunning Mouse
- Paperclip
- Pen
- Clear Tape Roll
- Clear Tape Dispenser
- Glue Sticks
- Pencils (sharpened and unsharpened)
- Green and Red Exit Signs
- USB Extender (styled off of a real HooToo® USB Extender)
- Whiteout
- Stylus
- Sticky Notes (normal and with top note peeling upwards)
- Two Different Styled Light Bulbs (Curly and Edison)
- A STELLAR Security Camera
- 3 Different Designs of Pencil Holders
- Different Variants of a Manila Folder
- Several Different-Colored Beautiful Laser Pointer Pens
- Business Card Holder
- And More! (it's awesome! :D)

It's perfect for any office, desk, workplace or the bedroom of a college student who can't afford a real office!

Feel free to use our models in whatever which way you like! We wish you the best of luck on all of your projects!

Thanks again,
Codiscite Team