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Ping-Pong toolkit

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Demo WebGL

Universaly pack for create ping pong games.

The meaning of the games that can be created using this tool is to shoot down the green elements with balls, on the elements themselves, the number of collisions with them is written, after which they get lost. The total number of balls is limited and they are destroyed when colliding with the lower boundary, or when colliding with the violet elements. In certain game modes, balls can be repelled by the platform below, but there are modes in which it is turned off. Green and violet elements can be rectangular or triangular, but the player can add any shape to them.

In the example there are 3 variants of games. Classic with one flying ball, with no time limits and moving elements. At a time: moving elements on the player and up to 3 simultaneously flying balls. Gun: launches 10 balls at once and removes the platform. In addition to the presented modes, the player can create a large number of modes.