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TerraLand 3

IMPORTANT: After package importing is completed, go to Player tab in project settings in Unity and change the Scripting Runtime Version to .NET 4.x and API Compatibility Level to .NET 4.6 to bypass all errors. Scripting Runtime

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TerraLand creates high resolution Terrains both in Static & Dynamic Streaming scenes.

TerraLand is not only for Real-World Terrains but also for user-customized terrain data files to create any surfaces (e.g. Moon, Mars) from any external terrain generators (e.g. World Machine, Geoglyph, World Creator, Houdini & etc.).

The built-in Streaming feature in TerraLand, takes Unity Terrains to a whole new level where huge worlds will be updated in a smart behavior around the player using combination of multi-threading & asynchronous functions without being worried about performance.

TerraLand can also load splatmaps in runtime, so any renders from World Machine, Geoglyph, World Creator, Houdini & etc. can be converted to streaming tiles easily.

By utilizing processors in TerraLand, it becomes a complete suite for terrain enthusiasts who need any terrain editing operations inside Unity without even leaving it.

While the interface gives accurate coordinates data to users, detailed geo-location & geo-referencing operations in any complex GIS/Simulation/Gaming projects are simply possible.

We made TerraLand 3 a comprehensive package with lots of demo scenes & simple informative tutorials to quickly get you started in various terrain manipulations inside Unity.

*** FEATURES ***

. full source code included

. complete suite to generate, edit, update, resample resolution, smooth, split, stitch, texture, convert to mesh & export terrains

. data file processors to slice very high resolution heightmaps & imagery files into tiles suited for streaming

. image processors to automatically remove shadows, create colormaps and generate splatmaps

. no sign-up needed in external websites or sources

. no tokens from mapping providers are required

. unlimited server requests for heightmap & imagery

. accurate centimeter area selection

. highest resolution global coverage

. features ESRI’s updating community driven data source

. compatible with Unity’s terrain system and any other 3rd party assets

. user-friendly & intuitive user interface

. fastest multi-threading terrain downloads & generation

. never leave unity even in complex projects

. easy to learn with lots of video & documentation resources

. active support through emails and forum posts

. professional community involving in high-end projects

. used in many enterprise and educational projects

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