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VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle [PBR Weapons Pack]

This is the VSS Vintorez sniper rifle. This is a fan favorite russian sniper rifle with a built-in suppressor. This asset is part of the PBR Weapons Pack.
This weapon is optimized for VR, with an incredibly low poly count of 7.2k. This weapon has AAA visual fidelity, even with such a low poly count.
View the weapon in a VR Shooting Range demo*

All models in the asset come with 4096x4096 PBR Materials.
This Weapon also comes with a 9x39mm Round(both live and spent)

This asset includes the Magnified Scope System! An easy-to-use magnified scope script and shader are included with this asset. And this system can be used on any other weapons you like.

All moving parts are fully articulated and ready for animation. And the scope is detachable
Simple weapon animations are included:
- Firing
- Charging (Cocking)
- Trigger Pull

For sounds to go with the model, get this awesome weapon sounds pack made by Komposite Sound!
Weapons of Choice

SimpleGuns weapon script system is included for demo purposes only, so you can see the weapon in action.

For any modifications, custom camos or other custom work please contact me on twitter at @wasteland_11 or email me at kameron@creation-wasteland.com

This asset consists of models, materials, textures, scripts and shaders
* Other assets shown in demo video are not included with this purchase
* All models are to real-world scale
* Provided animations are not character animations, they are weapon animations