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FPV Drone Controller

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Youtube Tutorials for FPV Drone Controller

Try before you purchase: Web FPV Drone Controller
Executable Build Demo Download
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Movement controls: W,S,A,D,I,J,K,L
Profile controls (on numeric keyboard):
-"0" - toggles between joystick/keyboard
-"1" - turns on advanced flying mode
-"2" - turns on intermediate flying mode
-"3" - turns on beginner flying mode

Higly customisable:
*keyboard support
*joystick support (prefered)
*forward/backward speed
*sideway speed
*slowdown air drag speed
*change throttle forces
*change pitching, yawing forces
*change sideward force acceleration
*rotation mulitplier
*collision sparks
*customize your own key input for joystick and keyboard *custom waypoint track (check tutorial)
*custom drone inspector with three profiles
*angle lock for new pilots, width adjustable angle lock value

Package contains:
-all scripts
-flight recorder
-demo scene
-waypoint and lap time system
-2 drone models ready to fly

*********PLEASE READ*********
Bear in mind, it's not easy to fly an FPV drone, it takes time and practice (young Padawan) to master it.
You are getting the demo scene that is shown in the video tutorials.