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PIDI - Planar Reflections 2

PIDI - Planar Reflections 2 is a tool that allows you to quickly and cheaply add real-time reflections to flat surfaces across your scenes with full shadows support, LWRP support, an easy to use interface and high performance. Be it mirrors, water surfaces, marble floors or any other reflective surface, our tool will help you bring life to your scenes in no time.

NOTE : LWRP Support limited to LWRP 4.1 on Unity 2018.3+

VR compatibility is no longer guaranteed nor officially supported on any platform due to some internal changes in Unity, the introduction of SRP features which add an extra layer of technical difficulties, and in order to focus time and resources into the development of new features for the whole toolset instead of focusing most of it on technical support and fixes for VR. The VR components of this tool are still provided but are no longer being developed, mantained nor supported. *

This tool also fully supports Desktop platforms, Android, iOS and more!

Features :
- *BETA - Support for Custom Components ( including Post Process Stack )
- Lightweight ready shaders are fully editable in the Amplify Shader Editor
- Reflection planes can reflect shadows
- Pixel light count per-reflection for maximum performance
- Automatic Terrain simplification on the reflections
- Accurate contact reflections that get blurrier based on the objects distance to the surface
- Adjustable drawing distances
- Adjustable update frequency
- Adjustable reflection resolution
- Smart resources management and pooling
- Output-only reflections to be shared across multiple meshes, multiple materials are also supported
- Real and approximated oblique projections
- Chroma-keyed shaders that mix static and real-time reflections
- Demo scene and 32 different shaders for different needs, from water and simple mirrors to complex PBR materials for the Standard Pipeline
- Full source code access
- Extensively commented code and in-depth documentation
- Android compatible. Its high performance allows it to run without issue on mobile devices.

This package includes a water shader with depth testing and support for reflections/refraction.

Official Unity Forums thread

** Deferred reflections (when reflections themselves are set to render through deferred) are not compatible with temporal anti-aliasing

This tool requires RenderTexture support. If your device/Unity version does not have RenderTexture support, this tool will not work properly. Check if your device/Unity version supports RenderTextures before purchasing this tool.

Lightweight SRP does not have a water shader (it will be available in June).

VR and AR devices are not officially supported by this tool.

If you have questions about this, please contact us before your purchase.

For support, assistance or suggestions contact us directly at support@irreverent-software.com

PIDI - Planar Reflections is part of the PIDI Game Development Framework developed by Irreverent Software and used in all our games.