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This tool help to handles sheet data with minimal coding in the Unity3D Editor.

In game development, sheets are the most common data storage method.
Google spreadsheet and Excel editor are commonly used and great. There are also a number of assets that support automatic synchronization.

But there are some inconveniences.
- The serialization type is limited.
- The development sequence becomes
complicated because you have to use external tools for editing.
- It is difficult to make reference type column.

This tool edits the data directly in the editor and applies immediately.
Complex data such as AnimationCurve can also be saved.
It also supports referencing items from other sheets. I have also implemented useful features in the sheet editor. Column sorting, Property cells similar to formula cells, Conditional cell coloring.

* featured
- undo support
- almost base type support
(string, float, int, string, enum AnimationCurve, Color, Gradient, Object like material)
- List support
- Property (string, float, int) support
- sort column support.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send e-mail.