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Prefab Pick & Place

Forum Thread

Prefab Pick & Place lets you select prefab from scene view instead of drag and drop from project view.

Press hotkey to open the picker in scene view with a list of prefab from selected paths. You are not needed to use a large project view window anymore.

After selected a prefab from picker, you can move the mouse to change the position of the placement without holding the mouse button. In addition, you can scroll the mouse wheel to switch next or previous prefab before confirm the placement.

A hotkey based placement system like Blender 3D, there are 4 sub-mode in placement mode. (Surface, Move, Rotate and Scale.)

Surface Mode
= Adjust offset (Ctrl), rotate (Alt) and scale (Shift) during snapping on surface.
= Align the object to world vector. World vector can be configured or use surface normal. Also allowed to choose the object vector to align to.
= Randomize rotate and scale in configured range.

Move, Rotate and Scale
= Make the adjustment constraint on axis (x,y,z,yz,xz,yz). In world space or object space.
= Snap to the configured units, absolute or relative.