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Game: Add hunting mode 

Game: Add prey AI 

Game: Added Hunting Levels 

Game: Add new forest scene 

Game: Add new deer model 

Game: Add Sliver Stage,Gold Stage 

UI: Add Hunting GUI 

UI: New Coins store icon 

UI: New store gui 

UI: New ranking gui 

Editor: Add Test Level Buttons 

Editor: Add hunting editor 


Game: Bonus bugs for repairing battle mode gold coins 

Game: Fix exp reward bug 

Game: Fix player level data 


Game: RedDot ui automatic adaptation size 

Game: Gun position adaptation screen size 

Game: Horizontal screen adaptation 

Game: Optimize game performance 

Editor: Modify part of the layout

 - Three game modes. Bullets, Time, Battle.
- Multiple game goals. Round Target, Fruit, Bowl, Iron Ball
- Different ways of moving. Curves, straight lines, etc.
- Including Booster Shops, Arsenal
- customizable. Guns, Red Dots, Bullets
- Includes more than 100 Game Levels
- Visualized level editor without coding yourself
- Available game booster

Game mode
- Bullet mode to achieve game goals within a limited number of bullets
- Time mode to reach game goals within a limited time
- Battle mode, match with computer 1V1

Game target
- Round Target, program generation, customizable scores, colors.
- Fruits can crush game goals and can customize scores
- Game targets that can be penetrated can customize scores
- Targets that can be moved

The battle mode can be similar to the AI for a networking experience. We have made difficult choices for AI.
Complete game model and game interface, including multiple game icons.
Simple and easy to use, no extra coding required.
C# write all code, no DLL.

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