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Tasks Compat

Add Tasks ( TPL ) classes to Unity running Scripting Runtime Version 3.5, and Unity 5.0+.

Support for running code on background / asynchronously with error handling support.

Support for running code on main thread, from any background thread.

Add Tasks integration with Unity Coroutines, logging support, and Editor integration.

Compatibility with original .NET TPL classes, meaning you can use Tasks and switch from Scripting Runtime Version 3.5 and 4.6 with no code changes required.

Source code available.

Task progress tracking support.

What is included:
- Extensive set of TPL compatible classes and API support;
- Task extensions to help integrate with Unity;
- Helper class to switch from background thread to Main thread;
- Editor window to see currently running selected Tasks;
- Tasks logging execution and result support;
- Source code for all classes and extensions;
- Sample scene with common usages.

What this plugin does NOT provide:
- Support for using 'async' keyword on old Unity versions.