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Stylish Project View

Forum Thread

Stylish Project View let you create stylish for folder and asset. Stylish includes replace folder icon, overlay icon on folder or asset, highlight the label, change label color and font style.

= Create preset subfolder in selected folder.
= Auto stylish by sibling index. (Folder only)
= Auto stylish by hierarchy level. (Folder and highlight for asset only)
= Auto stylish by folder name. (Folder only)
= Specified stylish by path. (Folder and asset)

Stylish :
= Replace icon. (Folder only)
= Overlay icon. (Folder and asset)
= Highlight background of label. (Color, fade or gradient)
= Change label color and font style.

= Create icon with multi layer image.
= Color tint, offset and size for each layer.
= Easy to create different color icon with single preset.
= Already created some icon preset for you.