Smash Way: Hit Pyramids 2

This tiered 3D arcade game with beautiful graphics where you need to blow up the pyramids and obstacles. Is an excellent template for similar games. This is the second part of game "Smash Way: Hit Pyramids"!

Download APK (with music)
Download EXE (with music)

Go through the levels, blow up the pyramids and clear your way from various obstacles.

* Has 2 modes (default/difficult).
* Has 7 unique levels.
* Planar Reflection.
* Optimized for Mobile Devices.
* Complete game with addictive gameplay.
* A complete set of models and textures, the presence of all levels.
* Availability of documentation on the scripts.
* Flexible tuning of all parameters in levels. * All textures and UI elements in Psd format, and separated into layers.
* You can easily integrate your own art assets to make your unique game.