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25 Fantasy Warrior Weapons

This kit consists of 25 different warrior class weapons. It comes with two variations of textures. (Clean and used/damaged).

Each weapon also comes with its own Icon so that you may use the grid system provided to generate your own inventory system. (Note no inventory system included just the images to get you started)

The weapons are in two forms Static Mesh and Skeletal Mesh. The Skeletal Meshes have multiple joint locations to offer a difference in grip style. It is a great kit for building gear systems and expanding existing weapon sets.

All of the models come with 4096 PBR texture work flows. (we recommend mipmaps for the high res textures)

The kit also comes with the set used to take the photos. The set is part of a larger great hall kit coming soon. but the meshes are still clean and ready to use. Not included is the Fire particle. Everything else in the images is included.

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