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Pixel Art Filters From Emulators

Filter your game in pixel art with the same algorithms of emulators.

- Soft Pixel
- Pixel Interpolation
- 2xSal
- 2xSal Level 2
- XBR Level 2 Fast
- XBR Level 2 No Blend
- XBR Level 3
- 2XBR Hybrid
- 2xBRZ
- 3xBRZ
- 4xBRZ
- 5xBRZ
- 6xBRZ
- CRT Scalines - Aperture
- CRT Scalines - Caligari
- Pixel Perfect Configurator

These shaders were ported from shaders of the RetroArch emulator to Unity ShaderLab.

- Most are compatible with mobile, but the Xbr filters onwards are very heavy for the same, so the recommended would be 2xSal if you want to keep 60fps on cheap smartphones. OpenGL ES 3.0 API has more compatibility. Download APK, WebGL, Windows
- Set your scene to Pixel Perfect, otherwise there will be distortions. See the example scene.
- GPL licence. Checkout my other asset here.