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MMORPG KIT (2D/3D/Survival)

This package contains various of script and example to help you create your own Single/LAN/MMO Survival Action RPG game

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- No CCU Limit
- Multiple Map Server for MMO Mode
- Account & Character Management for MMO Mode
- Sqlite, MySQL database for MMO Mode
- Character save as Binary file for Singleplayer/LAN Mode
- Characters with various stats (Hp, Mp, Armor, Accuracy, Evasion, Critical Rate, Critical Damage Rate, Block Rate, Block Damage Rate, Move Speed, Attack Speed, Weight Limit
- Customizable character attributes, you can setup any attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence and so on as you wish
- Damage Element and Resistance system which able to customize you can setup Fire, Lightning, Ice and so on as you wish
- Customizable defend equipment, you can setup any armor to equip at any location such as Head, Chest, Feet as you wish
- One Hand, Dual, and Two Hands weapons
- Equipment effectiveness with attributes, Sword may be better using with characters who have much Strength, Bow may be better using with characters who have much Dexterity
- Equipment Refine/Enhancement
- Equipment Set
- Character Skills, Attack/Buffs/Debuffs
- Group/Party Skills
- Summon Monster Skills
- Gain Exp, Gold, and Items from Monsters
- Gain Exp, Gold, and Items from Quests
- Customizable NPC dialogs, you can setup any dialogs, menu, and condition to show menu
- NPC can assign quests
- NPC quest indicators
- NPC can sell items
- Player can sell items to NPC
- Player can deal items and gold to other player
- Player can battle with other players (PVP)
- Item craft system
- Hungry, Thirsty, Food and Water
- Building system
- Harvesting system
- Cash Shop
- Party System
- Guild System
- Guild Level and Skills System
- Pet System
- In-App Purchasing for in-game hard currencies
- Multiplayer networking system implements using LiteNetLib
- Support both Legacy animation and Mechanim animation

This asset uses open source content under MIT licensing; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details
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This asset uses
- "LiteNetLib" under "MIT"
- "insthync/LiteNetLibManager" under "MIT"
- "insthync/unity-camera-and-input" under "MIT"
- "insthync/UnityEditorUtils" under "MIT"
- "insthync/unity-audio-manager" under "MIT"
- "insthync/UnityMultiplayerARPG_MMO" under "MIT"
- "insthync/MMORPGKIT_GooglePlayAuth" under "MIT"
- "insthync/MMORPGKIT_FacebookAuth" under "MIT"
- "insthync/unity-dev-extension" under "MIT"
- "mysql-net/MySqlConnector" under "MIT"

see ThirdPartyNotices.txt file in package for details.