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Dungeon Level Builder

Dungeon Level Builder allows you to procedurally generate and decorate dungeon like levels with an easy to use node based visual theming system.



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Along with the visual theming system, dungeon level designer comes with a visual pattern matching system to enable users to create their own patterns, without ever having to code anything, to spawn objects in locations not handled by the original generation algorithm (like a pot near every door, that is close to a wall, but not next to doors that are not near walls, etc)

Dungeon level designer was developed to be your go to procedural level generator where users never have to touch the code and yet be able to decorate their levels with the same type of control one would get by creating all their conditions in code.

- Procedural levels in the editor and at runtime
- Hooks to connect your own code to receive messages concerning what stage the level generator is in.
- Visual theming system to help in the arrangement of your level.
- Visual generation of custom tile tags to help users style their dungeon based on any set of patterns that they can imagine.
- Modular design to enable power users to add their own code into the dungeon generation phase and still make use of the node based visual theming system to decorate their levels.
- A 3D and 2D demo that users can play around with to get a sense of how the asset can be used.