Novice Witch - SD Unity-chan Haon Custom

* The preview scene does not output properly in Unit Editor 2019.3 and earlier. However, all model and animation FBX files are imported correctly. No problem to use.

*Currently, the only avatar model with compatible prop motion is the SD Unity-chan Haon Custom series. This is not intended and is improving.

(Old Name : Witch Costume - SD Kohaku-Chanz OPV)
This asset is SD Unity-chan's Derivative "SD Unity-chan Haon Custom series". This series is covered by the 'Unity-chan License'. Commercial use is available.
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Haon Custom uses the same format. You can check the format of this series with free assets. ▶ SD Unity-Chan Haon Custom Bundle

Check out the screenshots for model and texture information.
▶ Parts info spreadsheet - Package abbreviation "NovisWitch"
▶ Motion Data Spreadsheet - Seatname "Default", "NovisWitch", "Default"

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