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Insectoid Crab Monster: Lurker of the Shores (20 Animations)

Insectoid craboid monster, typically sea / water based, but let your imagination run wild.

See screenshots for polygon density.
I wanted to put this creature somewhere between cute and scary. Initially he is meant to be a survival-game type creature, so he does things like eat and sleep. You may use him for whatever you wish.

Alot of love went into this.

Please watch video or try demos below to see all animations included with this character.

Browser demo: https://lb3d.co/demos/crab-monster/index.html

20 Animations included:
2x Walk
1x Sneak
5x Attack
3x Take
1x Sleep
1x Eat
3x Intimidate
2x Rest / Idle / Still
1x Fight Idle
1x Die

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