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ScrollView Adapter (ListView, GridView)

Android demo

A set of handy scripts that allow you to create a simple ListView or GridView.

It doesn't use object pooling, so it's useful only for those that don't have excessive amounts of items.
This is the non-optimized, simplified version of Optimized ScrollView Adapter, which you can get to access a much larger feature-set

Features include:

- platform-independent
- items can have different sizes (via LayoutElement)
- Add/Remove items at runtime, to/from any position in the list
- freeze content start/end edge while adding
- SmoothScrollTo a specific item
- utility script for expanding/collapsing an item on click

Demo scenes:
- Vertical ListView
- Horizontal ListView,
- GridView

Note that you still need to code your own use-case. We only provide the core functionality. The demo scenes each contain an example script which shows you exactly how it's done.