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School Bus, Simple, Isometric

Preview at https://lb3d.co/demos/schoolbus/index.html
This bus is sold as a simple multipurpose model. For that reason, I've included a number of useful features such as:
1: Separated moving parts for practical use (ie, turnable wheels, doors that open, etc).

2: Box colliders that allow inside walkable areas (as opposed to encompassing the entire vehicle in one box collider).

3: The textures are laid out for modification with the UV lines included for reference.

It is expected that you should remove items as you do not need them, or include others, such as steering and sound features. For instance, if you wish for this to be a simple isometric vehicle viewed from a distance, then you may wish to simplify the colliders. ...And so forth.
If you have any issues with the model, please contact me.