Customizable Mirrors and Frames

This pack is a highly customizable set of mirrors and frames. It is built with the standard shaders, but can be upgraded to the HDRP pipeline with a single click.

The frames can be used to hold whatever photos or paintings you choose and the reference UVs are saved out in a folder with the pack. The frames can also be used as mirrors, though the mirrors would not work as well with photos/paintings.

Every model has its first UV set equally scaled to maintain a consistent texel density no matter what material you choose and their second UV channel is setup for proper light bakes or specific texture work.

Included in this set are the following:
- 13 frames
- 16 mirrors
- 3 standing mirrors
- 3 2k tiling texture sets
- 9 2k photo textures

The models range from 80 to 600 verts