3D Volumetric Procedural Galaxy with Selectable Stars

This is a 3D fully volumetric procedural galaxy with selectable stars,that can be used as a star map or as the basis for a procedural skybox with the Aquinos Creations skybox creator, or anything else you may put your mind to. This can render over 250,000 stars at 30 fps or more, depending on your hardware. My laptop can run 150,000 stars at 60fps or 250,000 stars at 30fps. Comes with a mouse selection script. Each star has a unique ID number and 6 digit random number assigned to it for generating further procedural data for each star. The star type and size are also generated procedurally. There are 10 different star types, with more to follow in updates, including binary stars and nebulas. Contact via www.aquinoscreations.wordpress.com